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The type of car you drive says a lot about you, your attitudes and your lifestyle, but what does the colour of your car say about you?  The colour of the car you choose can say a lot about you. If you think about the neutral shades then you might think people who choose cars in neutral shades are playing it safe and are quite boring but you may be wrong.

Black is meant to be the number one colour to signify luxury and according to an Axalta 2013 report it was the most popular colour for luxury vehicles.  Back is also seen as cool, classic and sophisticated. If you think about it most diplomatic cars are black. However, it is not a really practical option since it attracts heat in hot weather.

Grey is becoming more popular although some people say that grey is a bit nondescript and is chosen by people who don’t want to stand out. Silver is a very popular colour for cars and silver car drivers are meant to be secure, conscientious and organised.  This colour is frequently associated with technology and a lot of concept cars are often in silver. In America silver is the third most popular car colour.

Once we get onto the more vibrant colours it gets even more interesting.  Some people just won’t buy a new car if it is green as they think it is unlucky.  Green car owners are regarded as introverted and unmaterialistic. At the moment green is not popular and there are a lot less green cars in the showroom and out on the roads. So you could say green car drivers are also not very fashionable.

Which colour should you choose?

Yellow signifies happiness and sunshine and that is reflected in how yellow car drivers are seen as.  You’ll often see sports cars in yellow and so yellow cars also have a bit of a fast and speedy image. Red is seen as an energetic and sexy colour and people who drive red cars are seen as status minded people, full of action, power and power.  Male red car drivers are seen as powerful and masculine while female red car drivers are considered to be fun and confident.  So if you want to be seen as a fizzy go getter get yourself a red car.

Blue is a really common car colour now.  It is a good compromise between having some colour but retaining a bit conservatism.  Blue car drivers are thought to be good listeners, organised and practical.  This colour is often associated with blue skies and seas so it is said to emote happiness and serenity. Though blue car colours have been on the decline for a while the industry is beginning to see an upsurge of interest in blue and red.

Moving onto the earthier tones, drivers of brown or beige cars are considered to be introverted, budget conscious and practical. You rarely seen brown cars on the roads now and that might well be because back in the 70’s dodgy shades of brown, gold and orange cars were all the rage along with carpets and curtains.  Now no one wants to look like a retro throwback. Orange is another interesting colour and is often associated with value. Like brown it isn’t a colour you see around nowadays and maybe some people think it is too lurid.

People who drive white cars are said to be young, energetic and outgoing.  The sale of white cars has dramatically increased over the last year.  Some people are calling it the 'Apple effect' due to the popularity of the white iPhone.   The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recently revealed their findings into the most popular car colours in the UK in 2014.  In first place was white with 22% of new cars registered, black was in second place with 195 and grey in third place with 14%.  This is the second year running that white has been the top colour and it is really surprising considering that in 2005 less than 1% of new car buyers in the UK chose white.  Silver is in sixth place with 13% of the new car market whereas back in 2010 36% of new cars were silver.  This is a big change in the auto industry and you'll find that nearly all the new cars coming onto the market are primarily black, white and grey.  What do you think?  Would you buy a white car?

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