Monday 29th July 2013
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The car you drive can actually speak volumes about who you are. It has been suggested that your car describes your lifestyle, interests, underlying desires and your profession. Your car may perhaps be your résumé as well; its tidiness (or lack of) talks about the type of person you are.

Is your car the true you?

Whatever car you drive, your car truly makes a definitive statement and an impact on the kind of person you are.

Society has numerous types of perceptions about cars. Some motorists favour elegance and sleekness whilst others prefer sexy curves. Here are some examples of these cars that we all may own at some point throughout our lives.

Dog cars with a dog guard
Boy racer cars
Pink girly cars
Family MPV cars
Racing or sporty cars
Hairdresser cars
Executive cars for the high-end achievers
Sales rep cars and much more...

Additionally, the colour of your car can speak volumes about you too.

Understandably, many motorists do not have the privilege of choosing the colour of their car. When buying a second-hand car on a tight budget, we are limited to colour choices. Furthermore, when counting our pennies, the most important aspect of our choices is the engine. One thing I have noticed is that red estate cars seem to be driven by those in the electrical trade. Has anyone else noticed this?

All the same, we all have a favourite car colour, so what would yours be?

White means status and extrovert.
Cream describes being self contained and controlled.
Red can mean fiery and these people often think they own the road.
Black is often used by gangsters and funerals; this speaks of elegance and empowerment.
Blue cars describe credibility and reliability.
Silver talks about being cool.
Yellow is idealistic and optimistic.
Green means well balanced and a very trustworthy person.

The colour of your car and the type of car you own can therefore can describe your personality. First impressions of your car when you turn up for a meeting could be a helping factor in deciding how successful you will when making your first impression.

Do you associate different people and trades to certain types of cars? Please have your say below: