Wednesday 12th October 2016
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For a while now, it has been rumoured that the driving test for learner drivers will be changed to reduce the amount of cars on the road and also reduce the amount of accidents that happen. Nothing has actually been set in place or confirmed yet (surprise, surprise). However, over the past couple of months there has been a trial of this new driving test across the UK with certain test centres. This trial started in May this year and will continue to 2017, when, if proves successful, will apparently be when the test changes for good across the whole of the UK. As opposed to the old driving test in which you had to perform ALL of the taught manoeuvres, the current one was simplified a lot by making the candidate only carry out one random manoeuvre (a lot easier right?). Well, now they have proposed that two of the current manoeuvres are replaced with new ones. The new manoeuvres will be driving into and then reversing out of a parking space and reversing back two car lengths after pulling up on the right hand side and being able to pull out again safely. As a lot of people may know the current driving test for learner drivers is fairly self-explanatory. It contains a 10 minute slot of driving independently following a set of instructions to a certain location given by the examiner at the beginning of the drive; this generally tests their ability to drive safely following road signs. However, the change to this will be the introduction of a sat-nav. A lot of drivers use sat-navs to get to destinations which they may not have been to before, therefore introducing this means the driver will be confident in following instructions from a device in order to reach somewhere new without any problems. It is also rumoured that the independent driving part of the test will stretch to 20 minutes. But who knows? All of these tests may never be put into action. Need new or used van/car parts at awesome prices? Get quotes from breakers across the UK.