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When you buy a brand new car it is important to know what return you are going to get back on your money when it comes to selling the vehicle. This area is known as depreciation and it is well worth knowing which cars hold their value the best. We have listed below the top ten cars in the UK for holding their value the most. Depreciation as well as fuel economy and several other factors must be taken into consideration when thinking about overall running costs for your vehicle. We have written an article for which are the cheapest cars to run in the UK. Click here to view this article. Before we list the top ten cars in terms of depreciation, we think we should let you know what to look out for and which types of vehicle are the best and which are the worst. Lets begin with which vehicles hold their value the best. SUVs are top of the list when it comes to depreciation. These vehicles are well sought after, which allows them to hold their value well. Over a period of 3 years or 36,000 miles they retain 46.6% of their new price. (All figures are taken from CAP). Other vehicles which hold their value well are luxury, sports and executive cars. If you are concerned by depreciation then you will want to stay away from electric cars as they only manage to retain about 17% of their new price. Other types of vehicle which tend not to hold their value very well are family cars and MPVs. The top ten UK cars in terms of depreciation are listed below: 1. Porsche Cayenne 2. Audi Q3 3. Range Rover Evoque 4. Morgan Roadster 5. Toyota Land Cruiser 6. BMW X3 7. Kia Sportage 8. Lotus Exige 9. Land Rover Discovery 10. Audi A1 Have you ever purchased a brand new car and if so, what was your experience when trying to sell on the vehicle? Did it have good depreciation or did you loose a small fortune? Share your experience in the comments box below.

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