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Recently, a friend of mine decided to look into buying a brand-new car. However, she could not believe how frustrating it was to find something different. It wasn't long before she realised that all modern cars are basically the same.

The enlightenment of modern cars

The sad thing is that all modern cars are basically the same; for instance, everyone does the year 2000 Lamborghini fog lights; they all have a grille albeit different design, angled headlights swooping down the fascia and so the list goes on.

Aesthetically appearances are the same; every manufacture has the look-a-like budget car, the mid-class car, the saloon, the sporty car, the MPV, the SUV and much more. This intrigued my friend, so she decided to take a closer look into the mechanic side of things.  She found out that virtually all car parts are used by every manufacturer!

Why are modern cars all the same today?

Nowadays, there has to be a maximum grille size to accommodate the air intake. There are nose and angle height regulations, headlight and fog light limitations, number plates have their place and everything else on a car has its restrictions.  Government regulations are often the reason for this homogeneity.

The other approach to looking at this is ‘trend’. Today, all modern cars have curves compared to cars back in the 1990s which were more rectangular shaped with sharper edging. If a manufacturer today was bent on selling a rectangle car with extra-long front and back end, then they would not sell anything because that was yesteryear's configurations.

What is different about our modern cars?

It is all down to the quality of the ingredients. Modern cars may look similar, but the quality of the materials actually makes a car. You may find a budget car with leather interior, but the quality of the leather will not be as good as a higher end priced car.

The metal used in a car can affect its overall price.  For example, take a look at the pre 2005 Audi A2, it was originally made out of aluminium. However, to compensate on price its interior was abysmal – maybe the new 2014 specification will be better!

Do all modern cars look the same? Initially, definitely not, some cars are manufactured ahead of their time and can hit the market big time. Cars like these often spur on other manufacturers to copy. Take a look at the Toyota Prius, this car was unquestionably ahead of its time when it was created. This hybrid was very expensive when it was first introduced to the world and initially nobody was interested, but Toyota's persistence paid off.

Today, every manufacturer wants in on Toyota's King. Manufacturers such as Ford, Hyundai, Nissan and many others have all attempted to copy the Prius design, but all have failed miserably. As result Toyota has now introduced other competitive hybrids in an attempt to be unique again, but this has resulted in fall-short flavourless hybrid cars. And so the cycle continues, everyone will copy those unique cars.

Other car manufacturers have come up with something new every now and then. Take a look at the some of the UK's unique cars such as the super Mini Cooper, out-of-the-box BMW X6, the Toyota Hybrid Prius and the amazing Porsche Boxster. There are also some outstanding US cars such as the Nissan Cross Cabriolet, Mazda Miata, Chevy Avalanche and much more.  It is good to know that despite all the sameness of some vehicles there are still a few with the wow factor that stand out from the crowd.