Monday 19th January 2015
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Why do manufacturers recall cars?

Usually it is because something is wrong with the car and affects how safe it is.

A safety recall includes a motor vehicle or an item of motor vehicle equipment that can be independently conducted by a manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

A public report must be released documenting the safety defect. In addition to this the manufacturer has an obligation to send each person on e distribution list a notification letter detailing the safety defects and the free remedy. The notification letter must contain the following:

  • Describe the defect or noncompliance
  • The risk or hazard posed by the problem, including any warning of the problem
  • A brief description of the free remedy, including when the remedy will be available and how long the repair will take; and a description of what the owner can do if the owner is unable to have the problem corrected within a reasonable time and without charge.

A remedy means the way in which the automaker will state the replacement of the faulty product free of charge. The manufacturer decides this and they can choose whether they will give a new model, or fix the fault by means of a repair.

Owners should have the recall work done as soon as possible. Recalls involving tyres are specifically limited in the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act  (1966). This Act states that the owners must have the work done within 60 days of receiving the notification. All other safety recalls are in effect for the life of a product.

The Safety Act does not provide reimbursement for damages that the defect or noncompliance may have caused. Perhaps, some owners could be able to recover such expenses privately. Historically, a majority of the automakers would reimburse the owners for the costs of repairs sustained before the safety recall, so long as the receipts were retained by the owners.

For  details on how to get the recall work done if you find you are unable to or if you cannot get the recall work done without charge. Please go onto:

The cars that the no.2 automaker has recalled

Why has the no.2 auto-maker had it's cars recalled?

Ford has recalled more than 202,000 vehicles in North America!  These cars were recalled because they had previously been recalled  but the repairs were not carried out properly.   What would you call this?  A recall recall? Unfortunately one of these vehicles was involved in an accident but luckily the driver was not seriously injured.  Ford stated  that this  did not relate to the specific issues of the recall.

Ford recalled 38,645 vehicles that included the following models; Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. These models are from the years 2005 through to 2011. These models were recalled because of the improper repairs to the lower intermediate steering shaft which can cause a loss of steering in the previous recall.  The 2014 models Flex and F-150 were also recalled because of a passenger seat sensing issue that can result in the passenger air bag not being deployed in certain kinds of front crashes. A solution offered by the auto maker's manufacturers was to  widen the gap between the manual seat frame and the seat track assembly. Once this was achieved they would also need to recalibrate the seat occupation classification system.

It's not just Ford that has had cars recalled....

According to the NHTSA documents Nissan’s recall now covers 52,738 vehicles. Nissan's recall in June covered vehicles in four U.S. states and territories. Nisan had recalled these vehicles after consulting with the NHTSA and Takata over a number of faults. One of the more common faults with these vehicles has been Takata's defective air bags.  More than a dozen injuries and four deaths have been attributed to this issue.

If cars are recalled, then the manufacturer is being responsible and is attempting to remedy the situation within the required time frames. The owners are responsible for the receipts of the service and all others, and will need to act within the required time frame of the Safety Act to remedy the issues with the cars. The cars recalled should not affect the automakers image, and overall trust, as they’re actively trying to rectify the problems. To find out if your vehicle has been recalled because of any of the issues in America please go onto: