Thursday 12th December 2013
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The rich and famous are not the only ones who may want to buy a private number plate. Many motorists are changing their registration numbers the minute they have bought a brand-new car. When registration plates come free with a new car, it's difficult to understand why some folks still pay thousands to have them changed.

Personalizing a private number plate

Interestingly, motorists can expect to pay heaps of money for the most-wanted combinations.

A private number plate consists of numbers and letters only, so why change it?

It's the formulation that fetches the high prices, and people are willing to pay.

More often than not, the new private number plate will have a special meaning. Most people tend to go for their names or initials. Once a car begins to age some owners may want to mask the older reg with their own private plate.

Sometimes it can be a symbol of wealth, individuality or a sheer investment opportunity.

To other motorists, they feel privatizing a plate means being an exhibitionist or ostentatious and is a complete waste of money.

Despite the double-dip recession, people are still buying private plates, and businesses are making big money out of it. Avoid buying from private sellers on eBay, etc., these plates are worthless if they don't have the correct paperwork. Furthermore, be weary of any seller selling plates without mentioning other charges. For instance should you buy a new car in the future there are transfer fees that need to be paid. This may come as a surprise to some people, changing a registration number actually does involve costly DVLA fees.

Some examples of private registration numbers that are worth bundles are:

  • HU55 SEY
  • XMO2 TOR
  • SN07 TTY
  • BO55 DAD
  • AW03 SUM

Identifying the original plate meaning

The DVLA for British number plates use a unique system. From left to right, it starts with a blue area, this identifies our country. The second two letters are the area code, then there are two numbers that identify the cars age. The last three letters are random letters.

When changing to a private number plate, you do not have to keep to the original format.

Here are some examples of celebrities who have changed their registrations:

  • Lord Sugar's private number plate on his Rolls Royce is AMS 1
  • Kate Price's private number plate changed to KPII HOT after breaking up with Will.
  • Paul Daniel's private number plate is appropriately called MAG 1C
  • Sir Stirling Moss private number plate is SM7 and 7SM
  • Lord Brabazon of Tara owns a private number plate which is FLY 1
  • Lewis Hamilton the F1 winning driver has a very cool private number which is LEW1S
  • Amir Khan owns a fitting private number called BOX111G

The snazziest ranking private number plate is 1 D, which is now symbolic for One Direction. This plate, however, was bought in 2009 for £352,000, one year prior to One Direction's rise to fame. This could have been a very intuitive buy!

The most famous number plate is the F1, this sold for £440,00 during 2008.

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