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Women are "officially" better at parking than men, a new study has claimed.

Men have long been bombarded with studies showing that the fairer sex is superior behind the wheel, but have been able to cling onto the notion that they are at least number one when it comes to backing into a tight parking space.

But, according to a study by NCP, it is actually men who are more likely to need to invest in used car parts to replace those they've scratched or dented attempting to squeeze into a parking bay.

The car park company tested 2,500 male and female drivers across a number of key parking skills, such as how quickly it took them to find an appropriate parking space and how close to the centre of the bay they left the car.

An overall score was awarded to each sex based on an aggregate of their performances in each sector, with women scoring an impressive 13.4 to men's 12.3.

Men were found to be quicker at completing a parking manoeuvre than women, taking on average 16 seconds to park compared to 21 seconds for females, but were outclassed in almost every other category.

The study found that women were better at finding an appropriate parking space, as men's impatience often led to them failing to spot a vacant space or when someone was about to leave.

Women were also better at setting the car in a good position before beginning the parking manoeuvre, with 77 per cent adopting a good or very good 'pre-parking pose', compared to just 53 per cent of men.

This helped more females to finish up in a central position within the bay (53 per cent compared to 25 per cent for men).

Driving instructor Neil Beeson, who designed the tests used in the NCP study, commented: "What [this] shows is that us men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don't lie."