Wednesday 8th May 2013
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The first thing we need to understand is that the drivers who carry out car stunts are usually very experienced, highly skilled and have a lot of bottle to engage in these events. When we are watching an action movie, we are also made to believe that the car stunts shown are achieved by the famous actor/actress. But, it is a fact that the minority of actors perform their own car stunts; directors usually have to employ dare devil doubles who look like the main acting role.

The reality of dare devil car stunts

A daredevil's job has to be one of the world's most dangerous jobs in existence. Sometimes daredevils are also known as stunt drivers; their job is to perform outstanding risks in commercials, TV shows and action movies. Stunt men are highly rewarded financially for their skills because of the risks they take. Their performances are usually incredibly unsafe. Have you ever wanted to become a stunt driver? Please leave your comments below.

Many car stunts have regrettably seriously injured, or even proved fatal for some stunt men, it is not the easiest of vocations. These highly trained and skilled men have to work extremely hard to perform car stunts, and of course keep really fit.

Often the car stunts need to be slowed down during the film making process. There has to be serious calculations taken into consideration such as monitoring the elements like the wind and rain. Car stunts are actually very meticulous and tedious and can take many years of planning to make perfect; they are not an overnight success. If anyone thinks they are then a dangerous consequence could be at hand.

One of the most famous TV programmes regularly displaying car stunts was the Dukes of Hazzard where cars would often be seen jumping across rivers, woodland and doing twist turns through the air.

Car stunts are extraordinary, inspiring and exciting; they can really grip us to our seats when watching them. We will often see tricks like free falls, hard braking, 180 and 360 degree perfected spins, side car slides, locked wheel sliding, 90 mph parallel parking and profound car crashes.

Daredevils are carefully preselected before filming in the view of the fact that car stunts need to be performed with usually one take and need to be performed quickly. Car stunts can also cost alot of money, particularly if they have to destroy beautiful cars such as Porsches, BMW’s or Aston Martins.

Car stunt schools

There are various stunt driving schools that are available. They will teach you how to take a car right to the very edge making it look like you have lost control of it. However, the training enables you to retain control at all times. You can simply Google the nearest stunt school to you and usually obtain vouchers to engage in such an experience.

Stunt Schools are normally located at your nearest race track where you get loads of room to practise and make mistakes without endangering anyone else around. Vouchers can normally start from around £49.