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The search is on to constantly find the most dynamic vehicles, but what about those that don't quite cut the mustard? Once we learn which are the worst cars we know exactly what ones to avoid. Most of these motors did not quite make it due to no sales; their failure was a result of many factors but mostly styling, serious rusting, engineering faults and senseless innovations. The fact is nobody really wanted these motors, and nobody needed them!

Worst cars of all time

Some of the earlier cars were deemed quite laughable; it seems as though manufacturers were trying too hard to make the perfect car. However, their desire for perfection produced over kill, this resulted in little sales to virtually zero profits.

The worst cars built were during the 1970s and 1980s, most were known as rust buckets, and they constantly broke down due to faulty engineering. If you were a motorist during the 70s and 80s and drove ones of these you've probably got a story to tell.

However, that said during the 1990s engineering took on a whole new level, it is still possible to see some 90s cars on the road today.

Austin Maestro created by British Leyland was an appalling car, their 1950s engines were forever breaking down. The Maestros design was dreadful, and the talking dashboard was unsightly. The talking dashboard was a head of its time; however, it did its job quite well. Nevertheless, due to the car constantly being faulty, it was forever telling the driver about it.

Austin Allegro was another British Leyland car, which failed badly. The Allegro was seriously under developed, had pathetic performance; its design was wretched and it certainly was listed as a rust box. Although, Austin tried to refurbish the car, it still did not improve and therefore ended up a piece of junk.

Austin Princess / Austin Ambassador is rated one of the worst cars due to its Soviet design and engineering quality, or should we say lack of! British Leyland tried hard to revamp the Princess during the early 1980s, but again it failed badly.

Triumph TR7 was a terrible looking car; it replaced the beautiful TR6 which was successful. Only Triumph knows why they decided to manufacturer the flop TR7; its design was ugly; engineering was useless for a sport model, and its build quality was senseless. Overall it was an ineffective car.

Triumph Stag would have been a very good car, but it was spoilt buy the engine choice. They were going to use the Rover V8 engine, but Triumph used their own by welding two V8 Dolomites together. Supposedly, this cue was to impress the nation, but it ended up being a big disappointment. Their choices resulted in engine unreliability, which at the time cost them their reputation.

The Robin Reliant according to new surveys is claimed as one of the world's worst cars ever built. The famous three-wheeled car became well-known due to 'Only Fools and Horses. Looking at the survey, you'd think these figures must be wrong, but they're not. The Robin Reliant is actually seen as a British iconic car and is probably the one car that sticks in most people's minds. It was unusual and was fairly successful; however, it's 0.7 litre engine and performance let it down. Anyone who has ever had the joy of travelling in one would bear testimony to this.

The Yugo was created during the mid-1980s and is one of those motors that you will always find on the worst cars list. This Soviet car was just horrible in every way possible. Initially, it was a successful car due to its cheapness but sadly, the Yugo became the overachiever that constantly broke down. Eventually, it became one of those vile cars that everyone wanted top steer clear of.

Pontiac Aztek made by General Motors is deemed one of the worst cars due to its ugliness. This is another one of those cars that could not be saved no matter what the manufacturer tried to do. This car was so bad that it destroyed its maker for good.