Wednesday 1st August 2012
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Honda Civic Overview

The Honda Civic is part of the compact car class and is manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. The Civic has gone through many changes since its introduction in 1972. In its earlier years it was known for it’s cheap, economical and reliable where as the newer models are known for their sporty, performance and more upmarket style compared to the earlier models. The sportier CR-X is based on the Civic and the Civic has been the most popular seller in Canada for 14 years in a row.

Honda Civic History

The first generation (1973-79) Civic had a 1.2L 4 cylinder engine and was available in coupe, hatchback and station wagon. A big advantage this car had over its competitors was that it could take both leaded and un-leaded petrol in its engine.

The second generation (1980-83) had a makeover, in that it was a bit larger and came with both an increase in its engine sizes and a change to the shape of the body. The transmission had a change, as both manual and semi-automatic were available.

The third generation (1984-87) again saw a change in the way the car looked, with a more rounded and modern looking body. A 4wd version was introduced and up to a 1.5L engine was on offer.

The fourth generation (1988-91) was again made slightly bigger and the rear suspension had a real makeover across all the Honda ranges.

The fifth generation (1992-95) again had increased the size of the vehicle and made changes to the body design to try making it more aerodynamic. This was the most economical of all the Hondas on the market at this time.

The sixth generation (1996-2000) just had minor adjustments to the body style and more engine options were made available, such as the first natural gas engine for this vehicle.

The seventh generation (2001-05) didn’t really have any exterior changes but was more mechanical and interior changes. The front suspension was changed, and some of the engines were upgraded.

The eighth generation (2006-11) had a major body makeover on the European edition and a suspension overhaul for this market. The North American and European designs were totally different as they were trying to meet different needs.

The ninth generation (2012 - present) is the version currently in production and is considered to be ‘energetic, sleek and aerodynamic’.


Civic Type-R
Civic Hatchback
Civic Hybrid Saloon
Civic Coupe
Civic Estate
Civic Saloon
Civic IMA Saloon

Fuel Economy

As the Honda Civic has went through such major changes over the years and has engines varying from the original 1.2 – 1.6 and comes in both diesel and petrol, then the fuel economy is different on the different models. Generally it is quite good economically, especially the smaller engines and diesel engines.


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