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Have you ever owned a Chrysler Grand Voyager? Did you have to replace any parts? Then we would love to hear about this experience and how the parts faired. Please share your experience and write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Chrysler Grand Voyager Overview

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is classed as a large MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and is produced by the American automobile company The Chrysler Group LLC. This vehicle is mainly marketed in Europe and Mexico, and is called the Plymouth Voyager in the US. It was introduced in Europe in 1988 as a rebadged Dodge Caravan. The UK and Ireland are the only places that still market it under the Chrysler brand, as the rest of Europe changed to Lancia in 2011. These vehicles are very spacious inside but are not the best to drive. This is a great vehicle to own if you need a large spacious MPV.

Chrysler Grand Voyager History

The first generation (1988-90) version was sold as a rebadged Dodge Caravan and was identical to its American counterpart, the Plymouth Voyager except for the larger 3.8 engine only being for the American market. The Grand Voyager is a long wheel base (LWB) version of the Voyager. The second generation (1991-95) offered the 2.5 diesel engine from 1994 which would become very popular in Europe.

The third generation (1996-2000) was the first version to be sold under the Chrysler name in Mexico. This version scored really badly in the Euro safety tests, especially in front impact which made it the worst in the class.

The fourth generation (2001-07) version was not available as a Grand Voyager, but just as the Voyager.

The fifth generation (2008 - ) reintroduced the Grand Voyager as their luxury MPV. This is the current version on the market.


Executive XS
Limited XS

Fuel Economy

There have been a variety of engines on offer for this vehicle across its lifetime. The petrol engines are: 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.3 and 3.8, and the diesel engines are: 2.5 and 2.8L. The most economical of the range is the 2.5 diesel which offers up to 38 mpg. These vehicles can consume the fuel and be pretty greedy, so think about the age, fuel type and engine size when considering fuel economy for this vehicle.


The Grand Voyager was available in 3 and 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual gearboxes. The latest version is available in 6-speed automatic. If you need gearbox parts for your Grand Voyager then visit our Chrysler gearbox section to find your gearbox related parts.


Here at Breakeryard we have many different parts for all types of vehicles, and Grand Voyager parts can be found through our vast network of UK Breakers. Enter your vehicle details in our part finder or visit our Grand Voyager parts page to locate the exact parts you need for your vehicle.