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Have you driven, or own a Chrysler Voyager? We are really passionate about your comments. Please include your experience with any parts required for this vehicle. All you need to do is enter your review in the comments box below and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Chrysler Voyager Overview

The Chrysler Voyager is a MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and a large one at that. It is probably the largest MPV around which is very spacious inside and even leaves sufficient room for luggage. If you have a large family then this would be a consideration for you. This vehicle is part of the American Chrysler group and this model is mainly marketed for use outside of the US, mainly Europe. Although the Chrysler Voyager is very spacious it is rather poor in most other areas.

Chrysler Voyager History

The first generation (1988-90) was rebadged as the Dodge Caravan in Europe, and the European model is identical to the US model Plymouth Voyager. It was available in both manual and automatic transmissions.

The second generation (1991-95) was again rebadged as the Dodge Caravan in Europe and also is classed as a minivan. This is the last version of this vehicle to offer manual transmission.

The third generation (1996-2000) offered a 2.0 version for the European market and also a 2.5L TD. There were safety issues with this vehicle and the safety testings carried out made this the worst vehicle in its class.

The fourth generation (2001-07) received a total makeover in 2001, changing the overall look and adding additional features such as side airbags. In Europe there was a new larger diesel engine and more efficient petrol engines added.

The fifth generation (2008 - present) is the current version and the Grand Voyager became available in 2008. This was classed as a luxury MPV for the larger family. There is a standard diesel engine available for the European market.


Voyager SE
Voyager LE
Voyager SE+
Voyager Touring
Voyager SE Touring
Voyager LX
Voyager Executive
Grand Voyager LX
Grand Voyager Signature
Grand Voyager Limited
Grand Voyager Executive
Grand Voyager Executive XS
Grand Voyager Limited XS

Fuel Economy

The engine sizes vary from a 2.0 – 3.8L with both petrol and diesel engines. The diesel engines are pretty economical for their size and the lower sized petrol engines offer better economy than the large engines.


Depending on the year it was made and which generation it was from, both automatic and manual gearboxes were available. After the 2nd generation only automatic were available. The early automatics were a 3 or 4 speed with the current model offering a 6 speed automatic gearbox. Have a look at the Chrysler gearbox page for your gearbox.


Here at Breakeryard we have many different Chrysler Voyager parts available through our comprehensive network of different Breakers. Have a look at the Voyager car parts page now.