Friday 27th July 2012
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Have you driven, or own a Ford Encore? We are really passionate about your comments, especially your experience with any parts required for this vehicle. Please write a review on your experience in the comments box below and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Ford Encore Overview

The Ford Encore model is part of both the Fiesta and Escort range in the UK. The Encore variety of these vehicles is more to do with the trims on the vehicle rather than a model of car. Both the fiesta and escort are small family cars. The Fiesta is more of a super compact car and the Escort is a small family car. They are both very practical and reliable cars, with the Escort now out of production, being replaced by the Focus.

Ford Encore History

The encore for the Fiesta was part of the fourth generation MK-4 which was in production from 1995-2002. This vehicle was the UK’s most popular car for three years running, from 1996-98. Along with the Encore trim for this mark of the Fiesta was such trims as : Si and Ghia. As mentioned above, this model was only for the UK market.

The encore for the Escort was part of the MK-6 series. This was in production from 1995-2000. This was actually the last range of Escorts ever developed. They came to an end by 2000 and were replaced with the Focus. As the Fiesta Encore was only available in the UK, so was the Escort Encore. Other trims available for the Escort during this period were the: LX, Si and Ghia.


Escort models:
• 1.3 L CFi Endura-E 60 PS
• 1.3 L CFi/H Endura-E 60 PS
• 1.4 L CFi CVH-PTE 71
• 1.4 L EFi CVH-PTE 75 PS
• 1.6 L CFi Zetec 90 PS
• 1.6 L EFi Zetec 95 PS
• 1.8 L D Endura D 60 PS
• 1.8 L DT Endura D 75 PS
• 1.8 L TDDi Endura D 90 PS
• 1.8 L EFi Zetec 115 PS
• 2.0 L EFi I4 150 PS
Fiesta models:
• 1.3L Kent Endura-E
• 1.3L Zetec-SE
• 1.4L Zetec-SE
• 1.8L Diesel
• 1.8L Endura-D

Fuel Economy

This is determined by the size of the engine and type of fuel used. As there is such a varied size of engines, where the smaller engines are petrol and the bigger engines are diesel, the economic status of each vehicle is different.



In the UK the Ford Encore models were all for manual transmission. Here at Breakeryard we have many gearbox parts for these model vehicles. Have a look at the gearbox section today to find the part you are looking for.


Ford Encore parts are available at Breakeryard through our vast network of UK breakers. Search through this network of Breakers by entering your details in the part finder or by looking at the Encore section of our website.