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Mitsubishi Evolution Overview

The Mitsubishi Evolution is a high powered sports sedan from the class: sports compact. It is produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi. This car is also known as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo or Mitsubishi Evo. This vehicle is a front mounted engine with four wheel drive. There have been ten different versions so far. These cars are very fast, great to drive and have great handling and breaking. They are very costly to run and don’t have much space in the boot. If you are after a stylish looking car then you won’t go wrong with Mitsubishi Evolution.

Mitsubishi Evolution History

The Mitsubishi Evolution I (1992-93) was originally designed as a world rally car but due to popular demand it was made available on the world market. Originally it was intended just for the Japanese market, but soon made its way onto the world market.

The Mitsubishi Evolution II (1994-95) was mainly an upgrade on the handling issue from the previous version.

The Mitsubishi Evolution III (1995-96) had quite a few changes made to it. It changed some of the body styling to make it more aerodynamic and the engine and turbo was changed to make it more powerful.

The Mitsubishi Evolution IV (1996-98) changed the lights, having the easily distinguishable front fog lights and rear lights associated with this model. This model was slightly heavier but again had more power to compensate for this.

The Mitsubishi Evolution V (1998) changed both the interior and exterior of the car. Some of the body work changed and the interior received a makeover. The turbo and engine were improved to give it more power.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VI (1999-2001) again received some changed to the design of the body to make it more aerodynamic and engine improvements for more power.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VII (2001-03) was based on the Lancer Cedia design platform, increasing the weight. There was the option of a 5-speed automatic gearbox with this model.

The Mitsubishi Evolution VIII (2003-05) had the option of a 6-speed gearbox. This was the first version to be sold in the US, and was extremely successful over there.

The Mitsubishi Evolution IX (2005-07) again had changes to the turbo, engine to improve performance and slight changes were made to the interior and exterior.

The Mitsubishi Evolution X (2007-13) offered a 6-speed twin-clutch transmission and is the current version on the market.


These models are from the Mk8-10:

RSX Limited Edition
MR FQ-300
MR FQ-320
MR FQ-340
MR FQ-360
MR FQ-400

Fuel Economy

The only engine available for this car is 2.0L turbo. As the design of this car is based on a sports compact, it is more concerned with speed than economy. They can be greedy on the fuel and costly to run. The newer the vehicle the better it should be economically.


The 5-speed automatic gearbox was available from 2001-03 and the 6-speed manual has been available since the Mk8 version. The 5-speed manual gearbox is available throughout all generations.


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