Monday 21st January 2013
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If you have ever owned a Nissan Figaro and had to replace any parts then we would love to hear about your experience. Let us know how the parts performed when fitted to the vehicle. Write a review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Nissan Figaro Overview

The Nissan Figaro is classed as a retro city car and was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan. This vehicle was in production for one year only, 1991 and there were only 20,000 produced. This car resembled a 1960’s car, namely the Datsun Fairlady. These cars were really popular and prospective buyers had to endure a lottery to see who would get the privilege of buying one of these cars. They certainly have a unique styling, with the retro 1960’s look and are good fun to drive. Due to the small amount of cars produced they have a certain amount of exclusivity. They are not very spacious, are pretty slow and costly. Does this sound anything like your experience of the Nissan Figaro?

Nissan Figaro History

The Nissan Figaro was designed as a celebration for Nissan’s 50th anniversary of automobile production. They hired the Pyke design team to come up with a design and they chose the 1960’s style design of the Figaro. Nissan only decided to produce 20,000 of these cars and demand was high. They had to sell lottery like tickets to decide who could buy the £10,000 valued car. Apparently people paid way over the asking price on the black market to get one of these winning tickets. Although it has the retro interior and exterior design, it has all the features of a 1990’s car: power steering, electric windows, air conditioning etc. The mechanical design is based on the Nissan Micra and was available in four different colours which are stated below:

Model Types

There was only one version available but in the following 4 colours:
Topaz Mist
Emerald Green
Pale Aqua
Lapis Grey

Fuel Economy

The Nissan Figaro has a 1.0L engine which offers up to 39mpg. This is not that good for an engine of this size. How did the engine on your Figaro perform in terms of fuel economy? On any vehicle the age, engine size and fuel type will be determining factors when it comes to fuel economy.


The Nissan Figaro is only available with a 3-speed automatic gearbox. How do you rate the performance of the gearbox on your Nissan Figaro? We have a section of our website dedicated to Nissan gearbox parts where you can have a look for the gearbox parts you need for your vehicle.


We have Nissan Figaro parts available at amazingly low prices here at Breakeryard. We have a comprehensive network of UK Breakers with parts available for all makes and models. Either enter your vehicle details in our part finder or visit the Figaro parts page to locate the exact parts you need for your vehicle.

We have solutions with problem parts on the Figaro problems page here. You may find the answer you have looking for.