Tuesday 11th September 2012
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Have you ever owned a Suzuki Verona? Did you have to replace any parts? We would like to hear of your experience of this car and how the replacement parts faired. Write your review in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Suzuki Verona Overview

The Suzuki Verona is classed as a mid-sized sedan and was produced from 2004-06 by the Japanese manufacturing company Suzuki. This car is also marketed as the Daewoo Magnus in many other countries across the world from 2000-06. It was only marketed as the Suzuki Verona in the US, and didn’t appear to be very successful. This car was very reasonably priced, a good ride and had a quality interior but lacked in safety features, performance and handling.

Suzuki Verona History

As this vehicle was marketed internationally as the Daewoo Magnus from 2000, it didn’t become available in the US until 2004 as the Suzuki Verona. They were looking to bring a car into the mid-sized sedan class but sales fell well short of expected results which resulted in the car only being on the market for 3 years.

This was the largest car in the Suzuki range at the time and was one of the cheapest cars to buy in this class. In 2005 this vehicle had a makeover which introduced more safety features such as side airbags and tyre pressure monitoring system. As this car was struggling to compete with its rivals, it was discontinued in 2006.



Fuel Economy

The only available engine for this car was a 2.5L petrol engine. The fuel economy wasn’t that good for this car either, it only offered an average rating of 21 mpg. The engine was seen as pretty sluggish compared with other cars in this class, but competes on an economical level.


The only available gearbox was a 4-speed automatic. Verona gearbox parts can be expensive, so here at Breakeryard we can get you very reasonable prices on replacement gearbox parts. Check out our Suzuki gearbox parts section to locate your Verona gearbox parts.


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