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Volkswagen Polo Overview

The Volkswagen Polo is part of the supermini class, also known as subcompact. This car is manufactured by the German Volkswagen Company and has been on the market for almost 40 years. The Polo is a compact car with front wheel drive and a transverse mounted engine. These cars are affordable, reliable, fun and low cost to run and replace parts. They also hold their value well and are built extremely well.

Volkswagen Polo History

The Mk1 Polo (1975 – 81) was basically the same as the Audi 50 but was much simpler and cheaper to buy. As VW and Audi cars are manufactured by the same company, they wanted a cheaper VW version, which was to be the one of the two which would carry on through the generations. The Audi 50 ceased production in 1978. In 79 the Polo received a makeover of interior and some exterior parts, including the bumpers.

The Mk2 Polo (1981-94) received a change in body style, with the rear of the vehicle becoming almost vertically flat. This version made this one of the biggest cars in its class and also one of the most expensive, but it was extremely popular in the UK, being deemed as reliable and well built. It received a makeover in 1990 which was quite a big one to the exterior, interior and lights.

The Mk3 (1994-2002) received a total new makeover with a new body style and a new chassis. This car shared components of its design with the Golf Mk3 and the Seat Ibiza Mk2. In 2002 it had a makeover with new headlights, bumpers and a new interior. This was a good seller in the UK for its class, being deemed as one of the best built vehicles in the supermini class.

The Mk4 (2002-09) was a new design, sharing part of its design with the Seat Ibiza and Skoda Fabia. This version wasn’t very popular in the UK compared to previous models, and fell well behind some of its rivals such as: Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. In 2005 this received a facelift, having the headlights changed back to one unit and improving on the things deemed to make the earlier Mk4 not so popular.

The Mk5 (2009 - ) was a worldwide success, becoming the first Polo version to receive European Car of the year in 2010 and also received the world car of the year that same year. This version was slightly larger and lower than its predecessor. This is the version currently in production.


Polo S
Polo Match
Polo SEL
Polo R-Line
Polo BlueMotion
Polo GTI

Fuel Economy

The engine sizes of the current Volkswagen Polo models range from 1.4-2.0L in both petrol and diesel. The 1.9 turbo diesel is the best option economically with the 1.4 diesel not far behind. The best petrol option is the 1.4 or 1.6 which are almost identical economically, but if its mpg you are after then I would recommend the 1.9 TD version.


The Volkswagen Polo is available in both automatic and manual gearboxes. Breakeryard have a section of their website dedicated to Polo gearboxes, so have a look to find your exact gearbox part for your car.


There are many different Polo parts available through Breakeryard. We have a vast network of different Breakers who have Polo parts available. Enter your vehicle details in our part finder or check out our Parts page today.