Friday 3rd August 2012
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Have you driven, or own an Audi A3? We are really passionate about your comments. Please include your experience with any parts required for this vehicle. All you need to do is enter your review in the comments box below and we'll be sure to publish it online here.

Audi A3 Overview

The Audi A3 is classed as a small family car and is part of the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. The German company are known for producing reliable, well built and stylish vehicles and the A3 is no exception to this. This vehicle, as of any Audi has a good engine, well designed interior and exterior and will retain a high price on resale, which shows the good reputation and reliability of Audi vehicles.

Audi A3 History

The first generation Audi A3 (1996-2003) was produced to bring about a small family car for Audi, which hadn’t been seen since the Audi 50. It used the A4 design platform which is also used on the VW Golf, but they wanted this car to have a sportier look and feel so it decided only to produce the three door hatchback. This car was available in both front wheel drive and 4x4. It had a makeover in 2000 with new lights to the front and rear and an improvement to the interior. The S3 was introduced at this stage.

The second generation (2003-12) had a bit of a changeover with new engines, gearboxes, interior and based on a whole new platform. A five door model was introduced, two sporty versions and there were also the quattro 4x4 version available. A bit of a makeover took place on this version in 2008 to both the A3 and S3 ranges. This mainly included changes to the exterior of the vehicle, such as the lights and body work.

The third generation (2012 - present) A3 is to be released later this year and is based on a new platform of design.


New A3
A3 Sportback
A3 Cabriolet
S3 Sportback
RS3 Sportback

Fuel Economy

The A3 is available in many different engine sizes in both petrol and diesel. The petrol engines come in: 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 2.0 and 3.2L and the diesel in 1.6, 1.9 and 2.0L. The most economical of the range is the 1.6L diesel engine and the 1.2L petrol engine which give a good mpg. As this is a sportier small car then you are getting a good fuel economy for the type of vehicle.


There are a few different gearboxes available for this vehicle. There is a 5 and 6 speed manual gearbox, 6 speed automatic and 6 and 7 speed S-tronic gearboxes. Breakeryard have a section dedicated to Audi gearboxes, so have a look to check if the gearbox parts for the Audi A3 are available.


There are many A3 parts available through Breakeryard. We have a section of our website dedicated to the Audi A3 so have a look today. You can also enter your vehicle details in our part finder to search for your parts yourself.