Tuesday 14th August 2012
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BMW Mini Overview

The BMW mini is a small city car that owned by the German car manufacturer BMW. The Mini was once owned by Rover, who was bought out by BMW in 1994, and before that was part of Leyland. It is a British designed car and is its own brand name, having a mini logo rather than BMW. It is owned by BMW but is still produced in the UK. The Mini has a wide range of different versions, its fun to drive, has a surprisingly spacious interior and is cheap to run. These cars have become iconic across the UK.

BMW Mini History

Up until the 90’s the Mini had been branded in so many different names, including: Rover, Austin, Leyland and even as its own brand, as it is today. In 1994 BMW bought over Rover, which also included the Mini brand. They had been looking to develop a small BMW car, but when they bought Rover they decided to remarket the Mini. The new design concept went into production in 1998 and the new mini was born in 2001. BMW has invested greatly in the Mini, and it has been money well spent due to the popularity of this small car. The Mini Hatch first generation (2001 – 2006) was the first of the new minis and came in a 1.4 and 1.6 engine and also available in the sportier Cooper version. The convertible version was soon released under this version. The second generation (2007 - present) changed its design platform and introduced a more economic engine which meant it was slightly bigger than its predecessor. The first diesel Mini Cooper was made available as well as many other models across this range, including the Coupe and Roadster.


Hatch Coupe Cooper Roadster Convertible Clubman Clubvan Countryman John Cooper Works Bayswater Highgate Convertible Baker Street

Fuel Economy

The current engine sizes available are: 1.4 and 1.6L for the petrol and diesel engines and there is also an electric engine available. Obviously the electric version is the most economical of the available engines, but if you are looking for a fuel run engine, then one of the diesel range engines would be most economical.


There are 4 and 5 speed manual gearboxes with a 4-speed automatic also available.


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