Tuesday 21st August 2012
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Jaguar XJ Overview

The Jaguar XJ is a luxury saloon car and has been produced since 1968 by the British motor company Jaguar. There have been a number of different versions in the nearly 45 years of XJ production. This car is very spacious inside with a well designed interior. It is a great drive and is good at handling. Like some other Jaguar models, the headroom in the rear isn’t that good, but overall the Jaguar XJ refinement is very classy.

Jaguar XJ History

Series 1 (1968-73) was the first XJ to be produced, called the XJ6. This car replaced all previous Jaguar saloon cars. It had a stylish interior design, with leather interior. The XJ12 version was released in 1972 and was the fastest car of its type on the road. The series 2 (1973-79) altered the look of the XJ and was known for being poorly built, due to some serious issues in industrial England at the time. The XJ coupe was introduced in this series from 75-78. The series 3 (1979-92) again changed the look slightly, with new bumpers and other alterations to exterior, interior and engine parts. In the early eighties this car had some more minor makeovers. The XJ40 (1986-94) was designed on a new platform, and was the most drastic change to the XJ so far. The new design platform also changed the look of such parts as the lights, the shape of the body and interior parts such as the dashboard. The X300 (1994-97) reverted back to the design similarities of the first 3 series, in order to gain that XJ look, but the mechanical parts were very similar to its predecessor, the XJ40. The X308 (1998-2002) had the new V8 engine with similar exterior design to the previous X300 but changed some of the interior designs of that model. The X350 (2003-07) was a much larger version, retaining the classic XJ look but having some real modern technology. It had an all aluminum body which made it light and improved overall performance. The X358 (2007-09) was more of a makeover version of the X350 with changes to some exterior parts, such as the grille. The X351 (2009 - present) is the current version on the market. This design broke away from all previous XJ designs with an all new body and an overall bigger car. This design is similar to the XJ executive car.


SE Sport Executive Sports Premium Sovereign Super V8 Portfolio Luxury Premium Luxury Supersport Coupe XJR

Fuel Economy

There were many different engines available across the XJ range. The petrol engines came in: 2.8, 3.0, 3.4, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.3 and the diesel: 2.7 and 3.0. The fuel economy isn’t that great on these large engined vehicles but improved as technology advanced. Take into consideration the age, engine size and fuel type to determine how economical it is. The diesel engines are the best option economically.


The gearboxes only come in automatic. There is a Jaguar gearbox page on our website to locate your Jaguar gearbox parts.


The Jaguar XJ parts are found at the XJ parts section of our website or you can enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate the part you are looking for. Our breakers have many different parts available.