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Landrover Freelander Overview

The Landrover Freelander is in the compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) class and is produced by the British company Landrover. Landrover solely focus on the design of 4x4 vehicles. This vehicle is great off-road; it has a good driving position and is a good drive. These vehicles hold there re-sale value well but are very expensive to buy. For their price, the rear leg room and boot space are pretty limited and could be better.

Landrover Freelander History

The Landrover Freelander had been under development at Landrover since the early 90’s as they realised that they needed a vehicle to compete in the compact SUV market. They had a limited budget, and the design was based on their CB-40 platform. It wasn’t until BMW took over the Landrover Company in 1994 that there were sufficient funds to be able to proceed properly with this project.

The first generation (1997-2006) came into the SUV market in 1997 and was soon to become Europe’s best selling 4x4, right up until 2002. There was a wide range of choices available for this vehicle: from semi-convertible to van versions. In 2004 this vehicle had a makeover, with the changes affecting the interior and some exterior parts.

The second generation (2006- ) Freelander 2 was designed on the new EUCD platform with a new range of engines available. This version has a higher ground clearance and is better off-road than its predecessor. It also has improved safety features and more stylish interior design.

Model Types

Sport LE
Sport Premium

Fuel Economy

The first version had 1.8 and 2.5 petrol and 2.0 diesels, where as the latest version offers 3.2 petrol and 2.2 diesel engines. The latest 2.2 diesel engine is the most economical of the range, but due to the type of vehicle, these engines can be rather greedy on fuel. The engine size, fuel type and age of the vehicle help determine the fuel economy.


The first version offered 5 speed manual and automatic gearboxes, where as the latest version offers 6 speed manual and automatic gearboxes. The Landrover gearbox section of our website has many of these gearbox parts available.


Freelander parts can be expensive to replace, but here at Breakeryard we have a section of our website dedicated to these parts as very competitive prices. There are new, used and reconditioned parts available. Have a look today or enter your vehicle details in our part finder to locate these parts.