Monday 27th August 2012
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Mazda 323 Overview

The Mazda 323 is a small family car and was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda. This vehicle is also known as the Mazda Familia and Protégé and was replaced with the Mazda3 in 2004. It was in Europe and many other parts of the world where this vehicle was marketed as the 323, and this wasn’t until the 1977 version. The modern versions of this vehicle are reliable, well built and spacious inside. One of the main reasons it hasn’t been so popular in the UK is due to the low profile of Mazda in this country.

Mazda 323 History

The first 2 versions were marketed under various names, mainly the 'Familia', but wasn't until the third generation (1977-80) that it was first marketed as the 323. This version totally changed how this vehicle looked and was available in hatchback and station wagon. It was a rear wheel drive small car which had a bit of a makeover in 1979, affecting such things as the new headlights and grille.

The next generation (1980-84) was to be the first Mazda vehicle to have a front mounted engine and front wheel drive and to come into the subcompact class of cars. The station wagon version was replaced with a sedan version. There was still a station wagon version available but was an upgraded version of the previous model, still having rear wheel drive.

The following version (1985-89) offered a new range of engines, changing from the Mazda E engines to the more modernised B-series.  A 4x4 drive turbocharged version was available and a coupe version became available in 1987.

The next generation (1989-94) changed the look of this car with a much more modern look to it, being more rounded in shape. A new range of engines were available, as larger sized engines were on offer.

The next generation (1994-98) was more of an upgrade to the previous model and the final generation (1998-2003) had a re-design and received a makeover for the 2001 year, with new suspension and a slight style change. Production of this vehicle ended in 2003, being replaced by the Mazda3.



Fuel Economy

There were various engine sizes available across the generations of this vehicle. The later versions of this car are available in 1.3 – 2.0 in petrol and 1.7 and 2.0 diesel. The diesel engines are more economical and the smaller sized petrol will be better on fuel than the larger sized engines. Take into consideration the fuel type, engine size and age when deciding on the most economical option.


The later versions offered 4 speed automatic and 5-speed manual gearboxes, with 3 speed automatic and 4-speed manual being available in the earlier versions of this car. Mazda gearbox parts are found at our Mazda gearbox section.


There are many Mazda 323 parts to be found in the 323 parts section of our website. There is also a part finder, where you enter your vehicle details and a search will be generated through our vast network of UK Breakers to locate the part you are looking for.