Tuesday 28th August 2012
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MG Roadster Overview

The MG Roadster was part of the MGB range of cars produced from 1962-80. It was produced by the British car manufacturing company MG cars, which was part of BMC (British Motor Corporation) and later the British Leyland company. This car was more commonly known as the MGB Roadster and was the first MGB car to be produced. This is a classic 2-seater British sports car, and as the name suggests, comes under the roadster class. This car looks the part, is great to drive and is great if a classic small sports car is what you are after.

MG Roadster History

The Mark I (1962-67) was the first of the two-seater MGB range which replaced the MGA series of cars. They were slightly larger cars than the previous MGA’s which meant they could give more passenger and storage space. These were faster and offered a better ride than their predecessors.

The Mark II (1967-71) had an automatic gearbox available for the first time and improvements were made to the manual gearbox. Due to these changes, there had to be some structural changes made to the car. In the early 70’s there were several changes made to things such as grille and bumpers.

The Mark III (1972-80) was the last version of this car to be produced. When the Abingdon factory closed in 1980, British Leyland decided to discontinue this car. The main changes from the previous version was to the interior, while in 1974 the chrome bumpers where changed to rubber ones which affected the look of the car greatly.


MGB Roadster 1800

Fuel Economy

The only engine that was available for this car was a 1.8L petrol car. As this was a sports car it could consume the fuel at the average rate of 30mpg (miles per gallon). These cars were not built for their economy but more for their performance.


There was a 4-speed manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox became available on the Mark II version. There is a section of the Breakeryard website solely for MG gearboxes, so have a look to locate the gearbox part you need.


As this car is a classic British sports car, parts can be hard to come by. We have a vast network of UK Breakers with many different car parts available. Enter your vehicle details in our part finder to search through this network or you can visit the MG Roadster parts page to find the parts you need.