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Volkswagen Camper Van Overview

The Volkswagen Camper Van is more of a nick name it acquired in the UK. The official name is the VW Type 2, or also later known as the VW Transporter. This vehicle comes under the panel van class and was manufactured by the German auto-mobile company: The Volkswagen Group. This vehicle was a rear wheel drive and had a rear mounted engine. The Volkswagen Camper Van was named type 2 as it was the second vehicle to be produced by VW, after the type 1 Beetle, who this was derived from. This van, along with the Citroen H van were to set a trend across Europe as the first vans where the drivers were sat directly above the front wheels.

Volkswagen Camper Van History

The first model T1 (1950-1967) used the same 1.1 engine as the beetle, and when it was upgraded in 1955 to a new 1.2 engine, this caused major problems which led to VW recalling all Type 2 vans in 1959 to replace those engines. In 1955 the body had a bit of a makeover and in 64 an optional sliding side door was made available. The new 1.5L engine was made available in 1963 for the American market and the manufacturing of the T1 ceased production in Germany in 1967. The second model T2 (1967-1979) ceased production in America and Europe in 1979 but is still in production today in Brazil. One of the main differences in appearance between the T1 and T2 is that the T2 doesn’t have the split windscreen that the T1 had. There were several different changes to the appearance of the T2 as well as changes to the engine and suspension. There were some alterations as it progressed through the years, incorporating bigger engines as technology advanced and changing aspects of the body design.


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Fuel Economy

The first version T1 had 1.1, 1.2 and 1.5L engines available, but as the size of the van increased the engine size did for the next generation T2. The engines available for this generation started at: 1.6 and also had 1.7, 1.8 and 2.0L versions.


There were two gearboxes available for this vehicle: 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic. Check out the VW gearbox section of our website.


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