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VW Golf Overview

The Volkswagen Golf is in the small family car class and is manufactured by the German Volkswagen company. The Golf has been around since 1974, which is almost an amazing 40 years. The vehicle is as popular as ever and is currently in its 6th generation. These cars are fun to drive, good economically, well designed and have been known across the world as a reliable car.


The first generation Mk1 (1974-83) was first produced to replace the VW Beetle and is a small front wheel drive car. Across this generation was the option of several engine sizes and different fuel types.

The Mk2 (1983-92) become slightly bigger that its predecessor with more room inside the car and larger body. It still had the same look as it did previously but now looking a bit rounder, removing some of the sharp edges of the previous model.

The Mk3 (1992-97) gave the Golf a slightly different look than the two previous versions. It was again slightly bigger than its predecessor and introduced a couple of new engines to the range: TDi and VR6 became available for the first time. The estate version was to make an appearance for the first time also.

The Mk4 (1997-2003) didn’t change that much from the previous model but there was some new higher performance Golfs included in the range: 2.8 and 3.2 VR6. The Mk4 version was extremely popular world wide and was thought of as a low cost version of the Golf.

The Mk5 (2003-09) and Mk 6 (2008 - ) are based on the same platform design. The Mk 6 is the current version on the market and improved on some design faults of its predecessor, such as: interior and noise levels.


Golf hatchback
Golf R32
Golf GTI
Golf Plus
Golf R
Golf Estate
Golf Cabriolet
Golf GTI Cabriolet

Fuel Economy

As the Golf comes in such a variation of engine sizes, the economic value will be determined by the engine size and fuel type. There are both diesel and petrol engines available with the engines ranging from as small as 1.1 in the Mk1 to 3.2 in the newer models. The age of the car will also go to determine the fuel economy. So taking these into consideration, the smaller engines and diesel fuelled engines will be better economically.


The latest Mk6 version comes available in 5 and 6 speed manual and 6 or 7 speed dual clutch gearboxes. Breakeryard has a gearbox parts section dedicated to the Golf, so check this out to locate your Golf gearbox parts.


There are many different Golf parts available through our comprehensive network of different UK Breakers. Check out the Golf parts section of our website or enter your vehicle details in our parts finder to locate your parts.

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