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Your Air Intake System is More Important Than You Think!

Your air intake system is one of the most important components in your car. However, it’s one which often goes overlooked! Your car’s intake helps air get to its engine. This is all thanks to the fact that it needs oxygen for combustion to work! Your engine needs clean air. That air needs to be filtered before it reaches the fuel and starts burning. Therefore, your air intake system makes sure the air that flows through is of optimum quality and perfect for burning fuel.

Is My Air Intake System Complicated?

All car components are amazing feats of engineering! However, your air intake system is perhaps one of the more complex to the naked eye, and for good reason. Don’t worry, however, as it’s really easy to break down. Your air filter does a very important job. Essentially, it takes in outdoor air through a pipe and cleans it – before sending it deeper into your car intake system. You’ll find this filter is enclosed in a small box. 
The air filter helps to keep dirty or contaminated air from getting into your engine. The air it drafts in will mix with fuel before the intake manifold will start pumping fuel-air mix into the cylinders.
This is all measured by an airflow meter. This is sometimes known as a mass sensor and will normally be found between the engine and the filter itself.
The meter connects to the hose and the filter and will measure how much air is flowing through. This is very important. Your engine is going to need the right amount of air/fuel mix for ignition to take place at the right time. If you time the ignition wrong, it could end up relying on more fuel than you need, making things very expensive. 
The car’s ECU, or control centre, will receive data from the meter. It’s the ECU, then, which will decide how much air is enough!

But That’s Not All!

Keep reading – we’re not quite done! Some people forget about the air injection valve. The job of this valve is to make sure that the pump’s air enters the exhaust. However, at the same time, it also stops fumes going back into the intake. This small yet important part is also called a check valve and will stop gas flowing in more than one direction. If fumes from the exhaust head back towards the engine, it could cause some serious damage.

Is The Air Intake System Important?

It’s essential. Your air intake works amazingly hard to help make sure that your engine gets clean air so that it can safely and efficiently ignite. This way, you’re not burning through tanks and tanks of fuel, and what’s more, the lifespan of your engine is preserved, too. Therefore – if you feel your car is starting to guzzle down fuel quicker than it used to, it might be worth getting your intake system checked out as soon as possible!