Used Ford Galaxy Indicator Wiper Stalk

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About Indicator Wiper Stalk

The Galaxy Ford indicator wiper stalk is attached to the steering column via a multi-connecting plug, and is operated by the driver using a lever. When the lever is pushed, the wipers that are located on the indicators start moving in an arcing motion to clean dirt from the vehicle’s indicators with the aid of washing fluid from the washer system. The indicators wipers are powered by a motor consisting of a series of 4 bar linkages.

Problems with the Galaxy Ford indicator wiper stalk can be caused through general wear and tear through consistent use. Many modern vehicles will display an error message or give warning if there is an issue with any element of the wiper system and it may be possible to diagnose the cause of stalk failure by using a circuit tester.

Other signs of Galaxy Ford indicator wiper stalk failure could be noticed by a ‘loose’ lever when attempting to operate the indicator wipers, which can be caused by a broken stalk or signs of burn out on the electronic components. A failed Galaxy Ford indicator wipe stalk may alternatively be too stiff to move easily which can cause the indicator wipers to stop functioning.

Ford Galaxy trivia

  • Although it has been in production since 1995, the Ford Galaxy has been through some name changes. It has been sold under the names Sharan and Alhambra, thanks to the fact that the Ford Galaxy was originally designed by Volkswagen (it was not until the 2006 redesign that Ford made the Galaxy).
  • The Ford Galaxy was the first MPV to be sold and marketed by Ford outside of the US.
  • Sharing a many of its design elements with the Ford Mondeo, the Galaxy has been built alongside the Ford S-Max since 2006.
  • Not only has the Ford Galaxy received a five-star adult safety rating from Euro NCAP, but it also received a strong four stars for child and passenger safety too.
  • It takes six hours to build a Ford Galaxy front start to finish.