Used Hyundai i30 Cowl Top Ventilator Louvre

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About Cowl Top Ventilator Louvre

One of the most important components, whose function is to provide protection to the interior of a car’s engine compartment, is the cowl top panel ventilator. This is a panel that can be found at the bottom of the vehicle’s windscreen in close proximity to where the windscreen wipers are connected to the car. Whilst it is important that the cowl top panel prevents unwanted items of debris, such as mud, leaves and sticks from penetrating the engine compartment it is also important that it permits adequate ventilation.

The i30 Hyundai driverside cowl top ventilator louvre provides this much needed ventilation on the driver’s side of the vehicle.  It is able to achieve this because the i30  Hyundai cowl top louvre on the driverside has a set of ventilation grilles cut into it.  These are sufficiently small to prevent objects from getting inside the panel but large enough to allow air to get in and out. 

If  the  i30  Hyundai cowl  top  ventilator  louvre  on the  driverside or  the  passengerside  becomes damaged and begins to allow debris to infiltrate the engine compartment it should be replaced right away in order to prevent the consequential damage that might be caused to the engine and other mechanical components within the engine compartment.

Hyundai trivia

  • Hit zombie show, The Walking Dead has been sponsored by Hyundai since it started, and in 2014 they released a special edition tie-in vehicle. They did have some conditions for their cars being used in the show, though. Bloodstains aren’t allowed to be seen on a Hyundai, and they aren’t allowed to be used to directly run over the living dead.
  • The Hyundai testing centre is world-class. Based in the Mojave Desert, the area (known as the Proving Ground) is an abandoned airbase. With 4,300 acres of land, cars can be tested so harshly that there are still remains of vehicles scattered around the zone.
  • The first Hyundai with front-wheel-drive was the Excel. Despite the weak sales, it remains an important car because it was designed by the man behind the world-famous time-traveling car, the DeLorean.
  • The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is the first mass-produced car with a solar panel roof.
  • An estimated 90% of Hyundai sales come from their European market. That might be partly due to their sponsorship of events like FIFA.