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Used MG ZR Clutch Cable

All used MG ZR Clutch Cable listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for MG ZR are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Clutch Cable

The ZR MG clutch cable is an essential part of a vehicle’s clutch.  Failure will result in a loss of clutch control to the vehicle and a possibility of being unable to change gears. The ZR MG clutch cable is a steel wire core that is covered in a protective sheath which connects the clutch pedal to the gearbox. The clutch cable can be attached either by a clevis and split pin, positioned through a keyhole slot, or fitted over a hook after being looped.

The clutch cables are in regular use so they can be prone to corrosion and general wear and tear. Fraying may also occur on ZR MG clutch cables, particularly on the ends of the cable. If you see any signs of wear or fraying on ZR MG clutch cables it is essential that you replace the cable immediately with a quality cable.

It is also possible through general use that the ZR MG clutch cable may stretch. A ZR MG clutch cable needs to have the right amount of tension to operate properly. A noticeable sign of a stretched ZR MG clutch cable can be excessive play in the clutch ranging to total clutch failure.

MG trivia

  • Honda won the Manufacturer’s Championship for a four-year streak but was finally destroyed by MG in 2014 when the MG6 GT (which had only been competing for three years) beat its rival with an impressive 95-point win at Brands Hatch. MG also came second in the Constructors Championship in 2015.
  • Every year, the Chesterfield MG Group holds what’s called the Goodnight Sweetheart Run. It’s a chance for classic MG owners to have one last drive before the colder weather hits and their cars go into storage for the winter. Held every September, the Goodnight Sweetheart Run is a must-attend event for every MG owner.
  • The best selling MG of all time is the MGB. Released in 1962 and in production until 1980, the MGB is still the epitome of the modern British sports car, and was, in fact, the last MG to be built at the world-famous factory in Abingdon.
  • In 1931 the MG EX210 became the first 750cc car to beat the 100mph mark and managed 103.13mph. Nicknamed the Magic Midget, the EX120 took a few attempts to break that record, but it got there eventually.
  • In the film Breathless, starring Richard Gere and Valerie Kaprisky, Gere’s car thief character steals a pink MGB. However, when the car went up for auction in the mid-1980s, it was revealed that the famous pink car was actually orange and not pink at all!