Used Mazda 6 Glove Box

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About Glove Box

The 6 Mazda glove box is a useful storage space with a lid which conceals and protects items placed in it.

The 6 Mazda glove box lid door can be found covering the front opening to the glove box, which is more often than not situated as a part of the dashboard, in front of the front passenger seat.

The driver or passenger sitting in the front seat of the car, can access items placed in the glove box with ease, by opening the 6 Mazda glove box lid. The 6 Mazda glove box will be easily accessible and have a user friendly opening mechanism. The 6 Mazda glove box lid can be locked to increase the security of items left in the glove box. A light is activated when the glove box is opened enabling the user to clearly see and to find what they are looking for.

Glove boxes come in a variety of designs, materials and styles, some with features such as cup holders or a molded space on the outside of the lid to keep small items and change close to hand. Design, shape and features will depend on the individual car make and model.

Over time and continued use the mechanism on the 6 Mazda glove box lid can fail and either the glove box lid or the entire glove box will need replacing. The glove box may need to be replaced because it's old and looking tired and you'd like to update the look of your car's interior. The glove box in your car may be broken due to damage suffered in a collision. It's important to make sure that you replace the glove box with the exact 6 Mazda glove box that matches the make and model of your car, so that it not only fits correctly but compliments the overall design, feel and interior scheme of the car.

Mazda 6 trivia

  • The engine in a Mazda 6 is an evolution of the Porsche-designed Duratec V6, which was sold to Ford. The Mazda 6 has this engine because there was a point where Ford owned a third of the Mazda company. Of course, they sold their shares and now it is a wholly Japanese owned car manufacturer (but it still has that Porsche-designed engine).
  • Millennials love the Mazda 6, and it has a 39% positive opinion in that demographic.
  • Mazda entered the Mazda 6 in the GX class at the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, but its three race cars had to retire after just a few hours. However, Mazda went on to win the championship and far outclassed Porsche and Lotus.
  • The Mazda 6 sold faster than any other model of Mazda. It was designed to replace the Capella/626 and was launched in 2002 to critical acclaim and high sales figures.
  • Oddly, the Mazda 6 is the sixth-generation version of the Mazda 626. Both use the same design platform! It all gets very confusing when you’re trying to keep track of which car is which upgrade!