Used Renault Grand Scenic Clutch Pedal

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About Clutch Pedal

The Grand Scenic Renault clutch pedal is a small pedal only found in manual vehicles, and which is located on the left in the driverside foot well. When it is depressed it begins a sequence of events in the vehicle, starting with the master cylinder. This cylinder converts the pressure exerted from the driver into hydraulic pressure. This is then sent to the slave cylinder which pushes on the release bearing via a pushrod. The release bearing is mounted on the transmission shaft and pushes against the pressure plate assembly and clutch disc. The clutch disc creates friction with the flywheel and as a result the driver is able to change the gears of the vehicle.

Grand Scenic Renault clutch pedals are sometimes covered with a rubber pad for additional grip which should be replaced if they are worn. Clutch pedals themselves do not generally fail but are attached to the master cylinder rod using a retainer and plastic bushing. These parts could need replacing through general wear and damage to these parts would be indicated by movement in the clutch pedal and a feeling of a ‘loose’ clutch. These should be replaced as soon as movement is noticed to prevent further clutch damage.

Renault trivia

  • If you’ve seen a six-wheeled Renault 5 in the UK, you might not have imagined it. Not many were made, and they are all in the hands of private collectors, one of which is rumoured to be a British car aficionado.
  • The Renault 8 was the first production car to come with a four-wheel disc brake system, and in 1980 the company filed a patent for a ‘braking distribution device for total adherence’.
  • The Renault seen in Indian Jones and the Last Crusade went up for auction in 2017. The car was seen in the exciting finale where Harrison Ford races on horseback to beat the Nazis to the holy grail. The car was valued at auction at just over £18,000.
  • Back in ‘96, Renault got a previously unheard of 4-star rating in the EuroNCAP crash test, designed to maximise passenger safety. At the time, this was the highest award that had ever been granted by the board.
  • The aluminium-bodied Renault Spider was essentially a race car that had been built for the road. Models sold everywhere, but it was only those that were sold in the UK that came with windscreens, which must have meant a lot of bugs in the face for French drivers.