Used BMW X5 Oil Sump Cover

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About Oil Sump Cover

Oil is crucial for lubricating the moving components of the engine so they last longer and perform better while also functioning to act as a heat absorber, helping to keep the engine cool. The X5 BMW oil sump is an oil tray or tank located at the bottom of the engine. The oil sump stores oil, basically acting as a reservoir and collection/storage point for the returning oil once it has been pumped through the engine, before it goes off on its cycle again. The X5 BMW oil sump cover is a protective cover or plate for the oil sump.

Situated at the bottom of the engine, and sealed with a gasket, the oil sump stores the oil which is pumped around the engine by the oil pump. The X5 BMW oil sump cover shields the oil sump. 

The oil pump is often positioned low to enable it to reach the oil in the oil sump. A short hose or pipe with a mesh strainer enables the pump to collect oil from the bottom of the sump. The oil will pass through an oil filter to clean it from any impurities before it is pumped back through the engine. Oil sumps operate on either a wet or dry sump oiling system, but the wet oil sump is more common. Aluminium is a popular choice for oil sump covers. The oil sump cover in some engines will have cooling fins to help cool the oil and contain a strainer to help filter the oil. The material, design, size and type of oil sump cover will vary from car to car. 

A cracked or split oil sump cover will leak oil and will need to be fixed, if not too badly damaged, or replaced with a new oil sump cover. When replacing this part, ensure you fit an oil sump cover that's compatible with your car by buying a good quality X5 BMW oil sump cover.

BMW trivia

  • The BMW M1 has a classic look, so it's no surprise that its designer also came up with some other amazing car designs. Giorgetto Giugiaro is also responsible for the DeLorean, the Beretta U22 Neos handgun, and the Nikon D4 camera! Although, he also designed the Yugo, commonly called the worst car that's ever been made.
  • That distinctive BMW car engine sound that new owners fall in love with might not be real. The BMW M5 has such a quiet engine that they had to install fake engine noises to keep drivers happy!
  • It might not be the accessory that everyone needs, but for BMW drivers in South Africa who were worried about carjackers, the 'Blaster' was a flamethrower that shot huge flames from either side of the car. Not currently available in the UK…
  • The Cold War affected BMW sales so significantly that the company was nearly bought out by their arch-rivals Mercedes in 1959. A silent investor saved the company, but the rivalry between BMW and Mercedes Benz is ongoing.
  • The very first BMW was named the 'Dixi'. They hadn't designed it (it was really an English Austin), and they dropped the name 'Dixi' very quickly, instead opting for the rather more grandiose BMW 3/15 DA-2. Rolls off the tongue!