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Ford Transit trivia

  • The Ford Transit has been spotted in more films than it’s possible to list, but the van played a major part in the Michael Caine film The Fourth Protocol. The van used in the film is the Transit 1.6 MkII.
  • The first Ford Transit was released way back in 1965. It was designed and launched as a replacement van for the Thames Van, which had seriously struggled to compete against the Bedford van.
  • Every year, sales of Ford Transits go up, and there have been more than eight million sold.
  • When the first Ford Transit went on sale, it cost just £542, which would be £8,983.12 in today’s money.
  • As you’d expect, Ford puts new Transits through a huge number of tests. The latest generation Transit was driven for 11-million kilometres (which equals 275 times around the world) and was driven in arctic conditions as well as the desert environment of Death Valley.