Many cars have multiple airbags. They are designed to provide extra protection to the occupants in a crash in addition to seat belts. Most cars are fitted with a driver airbag in the steering wheel and a front passenger airbag in the dashboard. Passengers are to take safety seriously when traveling. Always ensure that adult passengers, including children who are too big to use a child restraint, wear their seat belt properly, in the front and rear of the car.

The front passenger seat should be as far back from the dashboard as possible. The passenger should sit upright and as far back as possible. Passengers should never put their feet on the dashboard, or attach anything on the dashboard over or near the airbag. If there are side airbags, make sure that the passenger sits properly in the seat and does not lean close to or against the window. If there are any other types of of airbags in the car, check the vehicle handbook or ask the vehicle manufacturer how far they come out as they deploy.If you need to replace this part, ensure that you buy the right airbag for your car's system.