Replacement Car Bull Bars Parts & Spares

A bull-bar is a strong, solid bar, which is fixed to the front of a vehicle, and functions to offer protection to the front of the vehicle and prevent damage to front end components such as the grille, headlights and radiator in the event of a collision. Traditionally bull bars were fitted to vehicles in rural and farming areas and designed to offer protection to the vehicle, should the vehicle run into an animal, a large boulder or a tree trunk in the road.

More often than not bull bars are made of metal, usually steel or aluminium, but some car manufacturers produce plastic bull bars too, which are considered to be less dangerous to pedestrians if hit by a vehicle with a bull bar. There are different types and sizes of bull bar, depending on the make and model of vehicle. Bull bars are commonly fitted onto four-wheel drive vehicles, SUV's, vans and trucks. Bull bars are often fitted to vehicles in urban areas for purely aesthetic reasons, adding to the overall design and giving a tough and robust look to the vehicle.

Bull bars can be fitted instead of a front bumper, and in this case may house the indicator lights. Bull bars can also be used to fix other types of lighting to your vehicle, such as spot lights; winches and aerials. When fitting a bull bar to your vehicle it's vital that the bull bar complies with road safety regulations in order for your car to be considered safe and roadworthy.

If damaged in a collision the bull bars on your vehicle will need replacing. Buying bull bars will ensure this part fits the make and model of your vehicle correctly.