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The shark fin antenna receives radio waves so that you can listen to the radio in your car.  Often shark fin antennas have GPS satellite and Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities also, and are able to provide satellite Internet access, satellite phone, satellite radio, satellite television and satellite navigation, dependent upon the manufacturers specifications and the make and model of the vehicle. Some models are fitted for aesthetic reasons alone and are basically fake aerials, chosen by car owners for the sleek shark fin design and a quick and easy way to add a new look and customise a vehicle.

Housed in a moulded plastic casing, shaped in the eye catching shark fin shape, a shark fin antenna is often mounted on the roof, towards either the front or back of the vehicle. The shark fin antenna is often a favourite with drivers when customising a vehicle and is chosen for reasons of design and the sleek, streamlined look it gives to the car. More robust than a traditional aerial, the shark fin antenna is less likely to get accidentally broken off or damaged at high speeds. Contoured in that iconic shark fin shape, the shark fin aerial is also a popular choice because its shape is considered to be more aerodynamic and can assist with the overall fuel efficiency of the car.

This product is normally fitted by unscrewing the original antenna and replacing it with the shark fin antenna. Usually secured with screws, the shark fin antenna is connected to the original antenna base with coiled wire which conducts the signal needed. Shark fin antennas will be specific to the make and model of car, and design; materials; features; capabilities; and fittings and fixtures will vary. The shark fin antenna is  connected  by wires to the  car  stereo by  a cable which, with satellite connection, goes via a satellite radio receiver housed in front the cabin of the car. Replacing the original aerial on your car with a shark fin antenna will guarantee you get the right part that will fit the make and model of your vehicle perfectly.

If you're fitting a shark fin antenna on your car for the first time, or you are replacing the shark fin antenna on your car due to damage, choosing the shark fin antenna will ensure you get a part that is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. An accessory offering a modern look, the shark fin antenna is the ideal choice for car owners who want to make a statement and stand out a little from the crowd.