The towing eye is attached to a vehicle at either the front or the rear, and functions as a place to securely attach a rope to the vehicle so that it can be towed.

The towing eye is commonly made of steel and is basically a solid ring or hook which is usually bolted on to the bottom of the chassis.

To help keep the towbar clean and grease free, while also protecting it from the weather, the towing eye can be fitted with a towing eye cover. This helps to extend the life of the towing eye which means it will perform well for longer. The cover also serves to make the overall look of the car sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing.

If the towing eye is damaged in an accident, for example, or has simply rusted and is no longer functional, it's advisable to buy a new or replacement part that has been manufactured to fit  the make, model and year of your vehicle.