The brake slave cylinder is one of a series of key parts in a vehicle’s hydraulic braking system. These cylinders are located inside callipers that connect to the brake pads, and are essentially pistons that help operate the brakes. The number of brake slave cylinders is greater in the front of the vehicle and these are also larger than the rear cylinders because more braking is required to the front of the vehicle than the rear, with more braking force required. Each individual brake slave cylinder is responsible for converting hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder and proportioning valve in to braking force.

If the brake slave cylinder has become damaged, you may notice that the brake pedal is to the floor.

Damage to the brake slave cylinder or the master cylinder can cause a hydraulic fluid leak which can contaminate other parts of the vehicle. This can lead to corrosion, particularly in the pistons of the slave cylinder, boot damage, and brake failure if enough fluid has been lost. It’s therefore essential that any repairs to the brake slave cylinder are completed quickly to prevent further damage.