clutch slave cylinders are essential in the operation of the clutch and are mounted on either side of the transmission. The clutch is responsible for disconnecting the engine when you bring the vehicle to a stop. The clutch slave cylinders are connected to a rod which is connected to the clutch master cylinder. When a driver presses on the clutch this creates pressure, which is turned into hydraulic pressure in the clutch master cylinder and is transferred on the rod. This pressure is then exerted on to the clutch slave cylinders.

Issues with the clutch slave cylinders are potentially serious and should be rectified immediately. You may notice leaking hydraulic fluid due to a broken seal on the cylinder. This broken seal will also mean that air gets in to the hydraulic system which will make the clutch feel spongy. The clutch pedal may also be near to the floor which can make it impossible to get in to gear as the clutch will be constantly engaged. It’s worth noting that clutch master cylinder issues are very similar to those noted above so care should be given to diagnosing clutch issues.