The limited slip differential is a fantastic choice for vehicle owners who would like to improve their vehicles’ traction, handling, balance and braking capabilities. The high performance limited slip differential is used in both road vehicles and motorsport vehicles, and is a high quality alternative to basic open differentials. 

The limited slip differential works differently to a normal differential. Whilst they both split the engine torque in two, the normal differential distributes the torque unevenly to both drive wheels, allowing the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner. In a limited slip differential, this torque is still split in two but the independence of each wheel is limited so torque is distributed evenly. This is very useful when driving on slippery road surfaces such as ice. 

The limited slip differential consists of a ring gear, pinion gear and side gear that are encased. As these gears rotate they turn friction disks and steel plates that are sandwiched between the side gear and the casing. These plates and disks rotate with the case and create frictional force. It’s this force that turns the drive wheels at the correct speed.