A turbocharger is a forced induction that pushes more into the combustion chamber of an engine which allows more fuel to be added. A turbo draws it's power from the exhaust gasses of the engine, which are used to drive a turbine , which in turn powers a compressor/ air pump. Suitable for a full range of automotive, marine, aviation, rail, plant and machinery applications, turbochargers are used to enable an engine to produce more power and run more efficiently.

The idea of a turbocharger is to increase the density of the air pulled into each cylinder of the engine( also known as increasaing volumetric efficiency). The advantage of squeezing more air into the combustion chamber is that proportionally more fuel can also be added, which means that more power is generated from the explosions in each cylinder. This improves the power to weight ratio of an engine, making it more efficient and powerful than a non-turbocharged( or naturally aspirated) engine of the same size.