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Part of the car's cooling system the water temp sensor switch plays an important role in enabling the engine to function as efficiently as possible and to perform at its best. The sensor measures the water temperature in the liquid coolant and sends temperature readings to the water temperature display on the dashboard.

The water temp sensor switch is usually located in one of the engine's coolant passages, normally close to the thermostat.

The main function of the cooling system is to keep the engine cool and stop it from overheating. The cooling system does its job by allowing liquid coolant to move through the engine. The liquid absorbs the heat from the engine which in turn cools the engine down. The job of the water temp sensor switch is to measure the temperature of the liquid coolant water. This information is sent to the car's ECU (Engine Control Unit), which uses it to manage the operation of fuel injection, ignition timing, transmission changing and variable valve timing.  Essentially, the water temp sensor switch warns the car's ECU if the engine is overheating. In some vehicles the water temp sensor switch also functions to activate the electric cooling fan and can supply information to the water/coolant temperature gauge which provides readouts to the driver.  

If there is a problem with the car's cooling system and the water temp sensor switch has malfunctioned, the warning light is triggered on the dashboard. Water temp sensor switches can malfunction due to faulty electrical connections and corrosion. A faulty water temp sensor switch can affect the fuel injection, ignition, and transmission systems and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid damage to the engine and mechanical parts. Signs of a broken water temp sensor switch are the engine overheating, higher fuel consumption, and black smoke billowing out of the exhaust. There are many problems that can arise with your car's cooling system so it is advisable to consult with your mechanic to establish the exact cause of the fault. Specifically designed for the make and model of your vehicle, the water temp sensor switch is the ideal choice when you need to replace this part.