Find Replacement Exhaust Particle Filter Box Parts

The exhaust particle filter box is an apparatus which functions to remove diesel particulate matter, which is component of the exhaust fumes in a diesel engine coming from the exhaust vapours, generally known as soot emissions. Diesel particulate matter is emitted from the exhaust in a diesel engine and consists of soot and aerosols including silicates, ash particulates, sulfates and metallic abrasion particles. 

Usually situated close to the engine where exhaust gases are still hot, the exhaust particle filter box filters the exhaust gas in the exhaust system, trapping soot before it can travel through the system, limiting the amount of soot emitted into the atmosphere. The car's ECU monitors the level of soot that has been collected and when soot gathered in the exhaust particle filter box reaches a certain capacity the ECU arranges for it to be burnt, leaving only a small trace of ash. 

Using a exhaust particle filter box can significantly reduce the harmful emissions produced in a diesel engine and due to modern exhaust emissions standards this device is essential in the modern diesel car. 

If there is a fault with the exhaust particle filter box this will cause the warning light to illuminate on the dashboard. The usual problem occurring with this device is a blockage in the filter, or a filter that's been damaged, often due to general wear and tear. This part must be replaced if malfunctioning as a matter of urgency. When you need to replace this part, it is imperative that the exhaust particle filter box you choose to install is compatible with your car. The exhaust particle filter box is designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, providing the perfect replacement part.