The  CD face off panel is a removable faceplate, on a CD player system, which can be detached from the head unit, for security purposes, enabling you to keep it out of view when the car is parked and not in use.

This stylish and functional detachable front panel provides peace of mind and immediately removes any temptation from would be thieves, keeping your stereo CD system safe. Part of the car's CD player, the CD face off panel is the exterior panel that houses the exterior controls, display, opening mechanism etc. The    CD face off panel is found on the car stereo head unit, usually situated centrally and within easy reach, on the dashboard. The CD player is powered by the car's battery. As well as the basic features, such as the  open and close mechanism; play, stop, skip forward and skip back controls;  volume  control; a display providing information on the song title and artist; and song selection, CD players can have features such as remote control; skip prevention; bass and sound amplification/boost; CD  changers; and bass and  treble equalisers. Some CD players  will play rewritable CD's as well as the usual non-rewritable  CD's. 

CD face off panels come in a variety of designs, styles, finishes, shapes and materials with many different features, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Choosing to fit the CD face off panel will ensure you get the perfect part for the make and model of your vehicle.

If the CD face off panel in your car has seen better days, is faulty due to electrical component  failure or malfunctioning in some other way, it's important, when replacing this part, to choose a good quality product that will be compatible with the make and model of your car.  The replacement CD face off panel should  fit your car precisely, able to attach securely and properly in the car stereo head unit and match the contours of the dashboard, complementing the overall style and colour scheme of the car. Buying the CD face off panel will provide you with the ideal part, completing the interior of your vehicle with a smart and stylish look.