All modern motor vehicles have the facility to control the climate in the car’s interior and a feature of many climate control systems is the LCD display. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) units display information regarding the current temperature inside (and often outside) the vehicle. Other information that may be displayed is the speed of the vehicle’s heating fan and the direction of the fan.

One of the advantages of a LCD display is that it is much thinner than many other types of display screen and is therefore ideally suited for use in a motor vehicle, where space is at a premium.

Over time, a climate control LCD display can become faded, as the screen ages, and it may be necessary to replace it. There are two possibilities when this happens. Firstly, the entire unit can be replaced. This, however, can prove expensive because of the cost of some of the components of the climate control LCD display. A cheaper alternative may be to look for a kit that repairs the LCD. This type of kit normally includes a replacement screen only, with instructions for fitting the new screen to the LCD unit and can cost a fraction of the price of buying a completely new system.