One  of  the  most  important  accessories  in  modern  motor  vehicles  is  its  audio  system.  Whether listening to the radio or a favourite CD, the driver and passengers will want to enjoy the best quality listening experience.  To  provide  the  best  in  car  entertainment  through the  audio  system  demands that  the  sound  is  distributed  evenly  throughout  the  entire  vehicle.  Many  cars,  especially  older models,  only  have  two  speakers  that  are  located  at  the  front,  often  on  the  dashboard.  This type of speaker system is limited in the quality of its sound reproduction, especially for passengers who are seated in the rear of the vehicle.

A far more effective speaker system is a  complete set of door speakers. This type of system employs a speaker in the driverside door and the front passenger seat as well as additional speakers in each of the rear passenger seats. Through fitting a complete set of high quality front and rear  door  speakers  the  rear  seat  passengers,  as  well as  the  driver  and  front  seat  passenger,  are  all able to enjoy the audio system equally.

A   complete  door  speakers  set is  fitted  into  certain models  of vehicle  but  it is  also possible  to  buy  a  set  and  have  these  fitted  to  an  older  vehicle  to  improve  an  outdated  speaker system.