The drinks holder functions to keep cans and bottles secure and in place, preventing the drink from spilling.

Drink holders come in different styles, designs and colours.   Drinks holders are usually made out of plastic and supplied with fixtures and fittings. The position of a drinks holder in a car can vary. Some cars will have the option of mounting a drinks holder onto the dashboard, often retractable or foldable, and in many cases the drinks holder can be incorporated into the arm rests or the car will have arms rests with built in drink holders, and built into the console between seats. In lots of cars the glove box will have an indent which allows you to place a cup or bottle, designed for the front passenger to use, but this isn't usually good at keeping a drink in place when the car is travelling along. Some drink holders can be positioned in front of the vents so that the air can be used to either keep the drink warm or cold. And cup holders can also be fitted into the car doors on some models. A feature of many drink holders is an integral stabilising mechanism which keeps the cup steady when in the holder.

Having a drinks holder in your car can help to keep the car clean and tidy. The driver's drinks holder is usually placed in an area that can be easily accessed. It's not advisable, however, to drink and eat while driving a car, for reasons of safety.  Distracted drivers are more likely to cause road accidents and drinking or eating while driving is considered in the UK as cause to be charged with Driving Without Due Care and Attention.