The instrument cluster is an instrument panel, containing a host of gauges, dials and lights, which provide information to the driver. Basic components include the speedometer; clocks; fuel gauge, warning symbols and lighting indicators as well as readings of other data. Instrument cluster dashboard clocks will be either digital or provide a dial readout.

The instrument cluster is part of the front dashboard and positioned in front of the steering wheel, within easy view of the driver whilst driving.  The instrument cluster dashboard clocks are unique to the make and model of the car so that it fits precisely. What is included on the instrument cluster, along with the style and design, will depend on the make and model of the car. There are a whole host of indicator symbols and displays that can feature here.

The instrument cluster dashboard clocks will have illuminated displays, enabling the driver to see the information clearly, particularly when travelling in the dark.

The instrument cluster dashboard clocks, though built to last the lifetime of a car, may end up needing to be replaced due to a number of possible faults. When this part malfunctions, possible issues include gauges that don't work properly and provide incorrect readings; flickering needles on gauges; and faulty indicator lights to name a few.  Buying a instrument cluster dashboard clocks will ensure you get a good quality part which is compatible with the make and model of your car.