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The interior heater of a modern motor vehicle forms part of what is commonly known as the HVAC system. The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system in a car governs the temperature and air quality in the interior in order to provide the most comfortable driving and passenger experience.

Interior heating, which is operated by the interior heater control switch, is essential in colder climates as, not only does it create a comfortable climate in the interior of the vehicle, it also assists in defrosting the windscreen and the rear and side windows and dissipating the evaporation caused by water condensation.

A vehicle’s interior heating system is usually controlled by a switch on the dashboard, the interior heater control switch, which enables the driver to set the temperature to the desired level. Using heat generated by the engine, the interior heating is dissipated around the car via heating vents that are usually located on the front dashboard. In some models of car, the vents are also channelled to the rear of the vehicle.

The failure of the interior heater control switch not only results in a vehicle that is uncomfortable in the cold, it also prevents the dissipation of condensation within the vehicle’s interior to improve the visibility for the driver.